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 pspWvista RC2

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PostSubject: pspWvista RC2   Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:31 pm

I dont take the credit for this portal!!!!!!

Please remove any older versions of pspWvista from your Memory Stick and delete input history.
pspWvista is created but Hunter Onhika and is based off of pspWxp 3.7.
The goal of the project it to provide the user with a Vista-Like experience on there psp
It can be used under the following Blazebyte General License.

BlazeByte General License

Within this document:

* PSP refers the the PlayStation Portable released by Sony
* pspWvista referes to pspWxp 'pspWvista' version 3.9, a product by BlazeByte member Hunter Onhika
* BlazeByte Forum refers to the forums on the BlazeByte website. They can be found here: http://blazebyte.net/community/index.php .

pspWvista is a free product - if you have purchased pspWvista, you should request a refund from the seller. No permission is granted by BlazeByte to sell pspWvista or any of it's content.

By accepting the license terms, you are entering an agreement between BlazeByte and you. If you do not accept the license, you are not entitled to use the product and cannot continue this setup.


BlazeByte does not accept any responsibility for damage to you PSP via any BlazeByte product. pspWvista is a offline website, it is a product written for a prepared platform by Sony. It is highly unlikely that pspWvista would be the cause to any damage of your PSP. If it seems that damage to your PSP is a result of pspWvista, you are advised to contact us through the BlazeByte forum.


You may distribute this product for no price to other people provided the product is unmodified. This includes no modification to included applications/themes or the installer. pspWvista must be distributed with no cost.

You are entitled the make as many backups of pspWvista as you wish. Backups include

* Origional package - which includes downloaded zip/installer or CD
* Installed files
* Modified files by user

Use of content

Content may not be used to non-personal use without prior permission from BlazeByte. Permission can be granted through the BlazeByte forum.
Applications of the BlazeByte General License

The BlazeByte license applies to:

* All code for pspWvista itself
* Development
* Website
* Company profile.

Separate Licenses apply to:

* Most included games.
* Some applications
* Desktop design

Extract pspWvista to your psp
To use pspwvista simple copy the pspWvista folder to the root of your psp's memory stick.
It should be beside the PSP, MP_ROOT, PICTURE and MUSIC folders.
To acess pspWvista go to your web browser and type in

If you want to put pspWvista in the common folder you can. SImple change the adress to

If you have and comments or Concerns contact me via PM (Hunter Onhika) at http://blazebyte.net/community/index.php
or Email him at hunter_onhika@hotmail.com.

From the;
Blazebyte Staff

Arrow megaupload.com VSAPKW9W%20
Arrow sendspace.com qs9pav

I do not take any credit for this portal!!!!

Good-bye Sad
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pspWvista RC2
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