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 <<<<PSP-3000 4.20 FW Info.>>>>

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PostSubject: <<<<PSP-3000 4.20 FW Info.>>>>   Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:56 pm

The lucky folks at Eurogamer got to lay their hands on a PSP-3000 and shared their thoughts on it with the unlucky ones.

Their review talks on the 3000's much-touted bright screen, the everyone-thought-was-shorter-but-isn't battery life, and even some details on Firmware 4.20.

Everyone first thought that the new screen took off 20 to 30 minutes in the battery life, but it was later revealed that power consumption was reduced in other components, which evens up the score.

Eurogamer confirms this, saying that they got "the same five and a half hours we've come to expect playing games." Speaking of the battery, they also mention that the 3000 has a "smarter AC adapter unit," which exchanges the black box with just a "small, direct cable."

Firmware 4.20 holds several major changes for the new unit. First of all, they talked about the new "wide" setting for the "color space," which Sony revealed earlier was an option to fully exploit the 3000's hardware.

[...] The new PSP's battery-powered third brightness level outshines the mains-powered fourth on its predecessor. If you flick the "Color space" option back to Normal, meanwhile, the colouring reverts to something closer to, though still brighter than, the PSP-2000.

Last month Sony also revealed the 3000's Automatic USB connection, which switches the unit to USB mode automatically when you hook it up. Eurogamer confirms that this feature will not interrupt gameplay.

Finally for FW 4.20, the 3000 now allows you to play games on a TV with a special adapter and composite cable, whereas TV output for gaming on the Slim can only be achieved with component video and D-Terminal cables.
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<<<<PSP-3000 4.20 FW Info.>>>>
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